January 3, 2018


The actions of the SpinTronicFactory are structured along four main topical themes, and two transverse themes. Each theme is coordinated by several leaders.

Priority themes

Pillar 1: Memories

  • Stuart Parkin (HALLE)
  • Kevin Garello (IMEC)
  • Lucian Prejbeanu (CEA/SPINTEC)

Pillar 2: Magnetic sensors

  • Paulo Freitas (INL)
  • Claude Fermon (CEA/SPEC)
  • Marco Doms (SENSITEC)
  • Wolfgang Raberg (INFINEON)

Pillar 3: Radio-frequency and microwave devices

  • Ursula Ebels (CEA/SPINTEC)
  • Sergej Demokritov (WWU)
  • Johan Åkerman (NANOSC)

Pillar 4: Logic and non-Boolean devices

  • Philippe Pirro or Andrij Chumak (UNIKL)
  • Christoph Adelmann (IMEC)
  • Abdelmadjid Anane (CNRS)

Transverse themes

Transverse Theme 1: Advanced Materials and Fabrication Processes

  • Claudia Felser (DRESD)
  • Berthold Ocker (SINGULUS)
  • Stephane Mangin (UL)

Transverse Theme 2: Design and Modelling

  • Massimiliano d’Acquino (UNI PARTHENOPE)
  • Guillaume Prenat (CEA/SPINTEC)
  • Luis Lopez Diaz (Salamanca)