January 3, 2018


The SpinTronic Factory is a European network that was founded in 2016, which mission is to promote European research and innovation in spintronics. The network is based on a legal Memorandum of Understanding involving academic and industrial actors from all over Europe.

New bodies may join the SpinTronic Factory network. To do so, please fill-in a Letter of commitment, to be sent back to the director of SpinTronic Factory.


The main objectives of the SpinTronicFactory are:

  • Increase the industrial impact of spintronic applications in the European Union
  • Develop synergies among Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and different H2020 programs (FET, NMBP, ICT, ITN, ECSEL)
  • Create links with other industrial networks as for example EFFRA, AENEAS, etc.
  • Build new synergies among partners and potential consortia for future EU calls
  • Improve visibility of spintronics in EU and work on the related dissemination

Note for FET, NMBP, ICT, ITN and ECSEL programs: Future and Emerging Technologies; Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing; Information and Communication Technologies; Innovative Training Networks; Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership)

Network history and future steps

  • Memorandum of Understanding: signed on 24th of May 2016
  • First Steering Committee: 8th of September 2016 in Paris. Opening of the web pages
  • Second Steering Committee: 22nd of March 2016 in Leuven, Belgium.
  • Third Steering Committee: 28th of September 2017 in THALES-TRT, Palaiseau, France
Deadlines for new partner acceptation: each 8th of March/June/September/December. To join, send a letter of commitment to the Director.